Station Nine Apartments

Living in a Thrive Community

Hallway light bulb burned out? We’ve got that. Leaky faucet keeping you awake? It’ll be taken care of. And don’t worry about mowing the lawns; professional landscapers ensure that the grounds of Station Nine look their best every day.

Thrive takes pride in providing you with the best possible service. Beyond that, Thrive strives to offer more than just a physical place to call home. Part of Thrive’s mission is to support you in a meaningful way by offering services and amenities that enrich your life.

Meet The Owners

Thrive Communities

Seattle-based Thrive Communities is committed to creating local communities that are impeccably managed and where team members take great pride in serving the individual needs of each and every resident. Visit Thrive Communities' website.

About The Name

In 1910, the Seattle-Everett Traction Company completed the interurban rail line between Seattle and Everett with a stop at Martha Lake, which was nine stops south of Everett. The interurban rail was the catalyst for development in the Lynwood area, and the transit story in the area continues to resonate since the primary driver for renters to select the property is its location between employment and entertainment centers such as the Mill Creek Town Center and the Alderwood Mall.

Station Nine Apartments

Photo courtesy of the Alderwood Manor Heritage Association.